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GEEIA-MDA-EI  Reunions

The GEEIA-MDA-EI Reunion Committee is based in Oklahoma City and consists of individuals who want to honor all who served in GEEIA and its successor units (MDA and EI).

The GEEIA-MDA-EI Reunion Committee plans a reunion every two years.  The reunions are normally in odd numbered years (2005, 2007, 2009, etc.)

The Reunion Committee can always use more volunteers and donations.  If you can volunteer to help with the next reunion or can make a donation, contact

Click on the Information or Newsletter links below for more information.  The newsletter is usually posted within 30 days of the reunion.

2009 + 2011 = GEEIA-MDA-EI Reunion

2011 Photos     ~     2011 Information

2009 Newsletter    ~     2009 Photos

2007 = GEEIA-MDA-EI Reunion

Newsletter    ~     Photos